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Our Process

Getting to Know Each Other

We want to learn about you: what are your interests; what is your current situation; what are you're values; and what is important to you

Identifying Your Goals

What are you trying to accomplish both short-term and long-term

Gathering Your Information

Looking at what you have currently: insurance policies, investment account statements, debt and income sources

Understanding Your Past and Current Choices

What experiences you've had, both good and bad, with financial products from other financial institutions and advisors

Analysis of Your Situation

Identifying the gaps

Recommendations and Projections

By your target date, where will you be financially and what do we need to do to get your there as efficiently as possible

Explanations and Conclusions

Helping you make the right decision for your unique situation


Completing paperwork and putting your plan in place

Regular Review and Update

Things change over time, so will your needs and goals; therefore a regular review and adjustments is perhaps the most important step

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