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Ben Edwards, CFP Photo
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Ben Edwards, CFP

Ben Edwards, CFP

Investment Advisor - MANULIFE WEALTH INC

Ben Edwards is your planner and your advisor.  He helps you with your investments, your insurance and your group plans. Through the Broad Shield Financial Services process, he works with you to help you figure out your goals, and how you can achieve them.

After graduating University of Guelph, Ben spent a year working for his dad, David Edwards, as his assistant at ET Financial Services.  He joined Manulife in 2001 and held several positions in their wealth management division. After about 7 years, he left Manulife to join David at ET Financial Services as an investment, insurance and group advisor. In 2010 he earned the Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) and was named in the president’s list for finishing in the top 1% of the 2200 people who wrote the exam. He is licensed to sell stocks, bonds, GICs, mutual funds, group plans, as well as various insurance products.

Ben is married to his lovely wife Julia. Aside from their dog Storm, and their cat, Skywalker, they have two great kids - an 8-year-old son, Johnathan and their 4-year-old daughter, Emily. Johnathan lives for the cottage and the various “critters” he befriends there. Emily isn't shy; when she starts to talk she sometimes forgets to stop. Ben supports several charities including Nelina’s Hope through Sick Kids, the Humane Society and Toys for Tots through Peel Police.  Links can be found on our Charities page.

Lynn Black Photo
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Lynn Black

Lynn Black

Administrative Assistant - Manulife Wealth Inc.
Administrative Manager - Broad Shield Financial Services Inc.

Lynn joined ET Financial Services in 2007. As Administration Manager, her focus is to provide excellent administration support to the company to ensure client satisfaction is upheld to the highest degree.  Her energy, commitment, problem-solving, investigative skills and focus has always been a tremendous asset to ET Financial and continues to be for Broad Shield Financial Services.  With 30 years in the financial services and insurance industries, Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge experience to the company in providing solid product knowledge, professional service and excellent communication and liaison with clients, suppliers and other team members.  

In 2014, Lynn successfully completed the CSC (Canadian Securities Course), the most comprehensive requirement to perform securities and mutual fund transactions in many financial services positions. She has also completed the LLQP and IFIC funds courses, providing her an in depth understanding of the various investments and insurance products, industry standards, ethics and regulation in the industry.

Away from the office, Lynn stays energized and very active with friends and family and, in particular, with her seven-year-old grandson.  She enjoys many family outings and activities including occasional outdoor tennis games and walking the vast water-side parks by Lake Ontario.  She also derives an equal amount of pleasure in finding solitude and relaxation by listening to music, gardening, or lying in her hammock hung between two trees in her back yard garden.  Hobbies include solving crosswords puzzles and other types of brain-teasing games as well as the occasional crafting or sewing project.

Julia Edwards Photo
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Julia Edwards

Julia Edwards

Marketing ASSISTANT - Broad Shield Financial Services Inc.

Julia joined ET Financial Services in 2008 in a part-time administration role. She is now a full-time team member responsible for communication with our clients through portfolio reporting, client statements, emails and correspondence.

Julia spearheaded the transition from ET Financial Services to Broad Shield Financial Services by developing and designing our new corporate identity.  While overseeing and maintaining our company’s website, social media outlets and our client database, she also creates the graphic elements to support Ben’s presentations and assists Ben by preparing and submitting insurance application packages together with the necessary forms for his client meetings.

Julia graduated from the University of OCAD in Toronto with a Bachelor of Design degree specializing in graphic design as well as acquiring a BA in Political Science from University of Western Ontario.

Outside of work, Julia is kept busy being a great mom to her two kids, Johnathan and Emily and looking after their dog Storm and their Siamese cat Skywalker.  In her spare time, Julia enjoys photography and fine art. She paints landscapes with oil on canvas as well as sketches portraits and caricatures of family members and pets. She supports the local Arts and Crafts industries and often attends The One of a Kind Show held in Toronto.

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